Screen Pressure Washing in Lutz, FL

Screen pressure washing in lutz fl

Pressure washing services were performed for our customer who lives in Lutz FL, his pool cage has lots of leaves and some green algae growing on the screens and white metal. Our customer was a tad worried that bay area power washing wouldn't do a good job as he has had bad experience in the past with sub par companies. Our pressure washing experts went out their to prove this homeowner wrong that our company can and will provide top notch services.
The process we took to clean this pool cage was a 3 step process.

Step 1. we rinsed the screens from the outside side to side top to bottom to ensure we loosen all the dirt and grime from the screens. During our wash process we never use any high pressure on pool cages it's always a low pressure that will never rip or damage the screens.

Step 2. We then spray the exterior of the pool cage with our cleaning solution allowing it to sit on the screens and metal for a few minutes to help break up all the dirt. Once about 5 minutes has passed we then start rinsing off our cleaning solution allowing all that dirt and green algae to be washed away with it.

Step 3. After we have cleaned the entire pool cage we then go back over it again inside and out with just water rinsing every screen top to bottom to make sure no soap or dirt will dry on the screen after we have left the job.

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Products Used: Sodium hypochlorite

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