Paver Sealing in Tampa, FL

Paver sealing in tampa fl

Our customer called us out to pressure wash their house and pool screen; once we were done with the job, the homeowner asked us what other services do we provide, I told him we provide paver sealing as well. Right then and there, he asked us for a quote.

Our sealing experts broke out the measuring wheel and got the exact square footage for the driveway and walkway up to the front door. Once we had our square footage, we charge $1.00 per square foot to do paver sealing jobs here in Tampa FL.

Our customer gave us the go ahead to seal the pavers, we booked a date and came back to perform our paver sealing services. The driveway needed some good cleaning as it was pretty dirty and had not been cleaned or sealed in over 4 years. Our first step was to pretreat the surface with our SH mix, let it sit for about 2 to 5 minutes allowing it to kill any algae and help lift up dirt from the surface. Then, we use the flat surface cleaner to do a slow, even cleaning of the pavers to remove all the dirt and grime off the bricks.

Once an area has been cleaned, we then use high pressure to remove all that dirty water away from the now cleaned surface. We repeat this process over the entire driveway and wherever we will be sealing. Once the bricks are clean, we then are able to start our paver sealing process.

Paver sealing in Tampa Fl will last you about 2 years here. There is a lot of sun exposure and the driveways and patios get beat up pretty badly so sealing your pavers gives them 2 years of protection. If you have brick pavers and you choose not to seal them, just know in about 3 to 5 years the color will be gone and that nice look will become faded and ugly if left unsealed.

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Products Used: Urethane Sealer

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