Driveway Concrete Pressure Washing in Northdale, FL

Driveway concrete pressure washing in northdale fl

Driveways are the home's first impression that goes along with the curb appeal. Having a nice clean looking driveway and sidewalks can add a lot of value to a home. Not to mention the overall look and feel the homeowner gets when they come home to an excellent, bright white concrete again, nothing looks worse than a green, dark, dirty, dingy concrete that makes your home look bad.

Our customer called us out to pressure wash their driveway and sidewalks. Our concrete cleaning experts used our SH soap to break down all the dirt and algae on the concrete surface. Once our soap did its job, we used our flat surface cleaner and went over the concrete evenly and safely to remove all the dirt and algae to leave the driveway looking nice and white again.

Project Info:


Products Used: Sodium hypochlorite

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