Why Pavers Should be Sealed

Why pavers should be sealed

Patio stone sealer is something that homeowners need to have performed every 2 to 3 years when having brick or stone pavers around the home.

Paver sealing is a process where a clear urethane liquid is sprayed or rolled on with a painting roller over the stone and brick surface to give them a nice wet sheen and proactive layer from the sun anti-aging.

There are tons of stone sealers on the market, so if this is something a homeowner is seeking to do as a weekend project, do some research online to make sure you end up with the best stone sealer possible.

Hiring a professional company is the best way to ensure those stone patio pavers get sealed correctly.

Paver sealing a driveway or stone patios will enhance the property's appearance and help keep the sand in-between the joints of the pavers for a more stable surface, allowing the bricks not to shift and crack over time.

Patio stone sealer is not just about the looks. It does help keep the luster of the bricks looking newer for longer, thus increasing and holding the home's value over time.

One thing to keep in mind when looking into patio stone sealers is that 99.9% of sealers on the market will not last more than two years. If a sealer is advertising staying for 4 to 5 years, that is a huge lie, and steer clear of that product as it's junk.

Sealing pavers with a high-end urethane sealer will last about two years, sometimes three years, depending on the amount of sun those bricks get every day and the amount of traffic on them.

The best way to have a visual of the best paver sealers on the market is to do a youtube search and see some comparisons on what brand of the product seems to last the longest there are some excellent review videos about paver sealing on youtube.

When searching patio stone sealer, most companies will charge between .80 cents and $1.00 per SQ FT.

The only time sealing pavers would exceed the $1.00 per sq FT rule is if the pavers need to remove the old paver sealer.

Stripping an old paver sealer or failed paver sealer is no easy task and is very labor-intensive. That is why it's about double the regular paver sealing price per SQ FT.

Need pavers stripped of old sealer the charge per sq FT will be somewhere around $2 to $3 an SQ FT

Selecting a patio stone sealer is pretty straightforward. If you go the route of having a local paver sealing company do the job for you, then just check their reviews, look at photos, and ask what type of sealers they will be using.

There is no doubt that sealing brick and stone pavers is a great choice and a fantastic upgrade for any property.

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