Why Is Pressure Washing Important?

Why is pressure washing important

The exterior of homes and concrete surfaces often have organic growth, such as mold or mildew or other types of stains that can grow from leaves or weeds growing on the surface.

Pressure washing ensures that you can remove all the organic growth easier than with a low-pressure water system.

Below are three reasons why it's important to pressure wash.

Weather Damage

Rain and UV rays leaving areas very moist for days making it a habitat for mold and mildew to grow like crazy. Home's are subjected to all of that harsh weather; they can't hide from the beating sun or the moisture that accumulates on pool decks, screens, and vinyl siding.

For homeowners, pressure washing is essential to do every six months to once a year, depending on what area you live in and how many trees you have on your property. The importance of pressure washing for homeowners helps keep your homes value high and the curb appeal looking lush.

HOA Regulations and Home Value

If you live in an HOA, keeping up with regular pressure washing on your homes will keep more money in your pockets while you avoid high fines from the HOA Board. Pressure washing service is vital not just because it makes your curb appeal look great but also to avoid damage to your property.

Keeping your concrete cleaned once a year helps the concrete stay looking newer and not allowing for leaves or mold and mildew stains to etch into the concrete, making it very difficult to clean years later. Having excellent clean driveways is a colossal value adder to a homes curb appeal as it's the first thing someone sees when they arrive at home. It's known that getting your home pressure washed and keeping your curb appeal up to date can add over $10,000 to your home's value.

Moss Prevention

If you have a screen patio on your property, keeping these cleaned is very important, especially here in Tampa, FL where we have lots of moss that grows on screens, and if left untreated, that moss can grow into the screens, and you will have to repair the screen area that's been damaged by the moss. This is why it's also important to pressure wash your home's wood decks and screen encloses regularly so you can avoid costly damages and repairs in the future.

Pressure washing is always highly recommended to hire a professional company; professionals know how to mix the proper chemicals and know the right pressure settings to use in different areas of your home. Knowing and understanding how much pressure to apply to a section of your home is essential. Without understanding pressure settings, a DIY homeowner could quickly ruin their property. It's imperative and a smarter choice to always hire a pressure washing company near you to perform this service type.

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