What Does Sealing Pavers Do?

What does sealing pavers do

Looking to protect your pavers around your home? What exactly is the purpose of spraying a liquid onto the brick pavers? Paver sealing is a process that can and will keep pavers from aging quickly.

Without a sealer on your pavers, the UV rays heavy rainstorms, driving up and down on them, and any type of chemical that spills or drips on them can ruin their color and leave nasty stains that can’t be removed.

Sealing pavers does more than just enhance the look of your pavers, it serves as a sacrificial layer allowing the paver underneath to not be harmed by UV dame and helps prevent staining.

Depending on what type of sealer you use, the paver sealer could last up to 5 years and create a really good hydrophobic feature allowing oil or rust to sit on top giving you time to clean and remove the spills before staining the pavers.

If the brick pavers are brand new and they were to be sealed right away, this could extend the paver life 10 x longer than waiting a few years to decide to seal them.

Paver sealer acts as a clear hard plastic that forms over the paver giving them a nice wet look sheen, a good quality paver sealer will bring out all the colors in a paver and give a really nice wet look, just like when it rains.

Leaving pavers unsealed is a very bad idea for anyone who cares about their driveway, walkways, or patio, over time rain will beat the paver up and start to wear it down.

Hard rainstorms can fade the paver color and start making the white concrete in the paver shows through over time leaving you with a very ugly brick paver.

Not sealing pavers can lead to them becoming loose and beginning to shift, if this happens they can easily sink become unleveled or worse crack.

When pavers go unsealed, sand between the joints starts to disappear and leave gaps in the pavers that is not a pretty sight, however, what happens is the pavers come loose shift sink, and weeds start growing up between the pavers because there is no more sand in the joints.

To prevent any of that from happening, then seal the pavers to lock in the sand in those joints, locking in the sand with a sealer will keep the pavers more stable for longer and will also slow down weed growth as the sand acts as a barrier and stops the weeds from pushing through to the surface.

The question, what does sealing pavers do, the answer is it protects the paver from damage loss of sand between joints and keeps the color for years longer.

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