What Does it Cost to Seal Pavers

What does it cost to seal pavers

Brick pavers are a nice upgrade for a home's property, however, keeping up with them and keeping those bricks looking nice and new can become a huge task over the years. The one thing that has become very popular with brick patios and driveways is paver sealing; most homeowners understand that in order to keep the bricks looking new and keep the color in them that these bricks should be sealed. But just sealing pavers with any type of coating is not the right thing to do, there are good sealers and bad sealers.

Choosing the right type of paver sealing is crucial for the long-term success of those pavers. The cost to seal pavers will determine how large of an area needs to be cleaned and sealed, plus the type of sealer that is used on those bricks. Most high-quality sealers aren’t sold on the store shelf and the weekend DIY person can’t get a hold of high-quality sealers. Oftentimes when a driveway or pool deck has been sealed by the homeowner it's a lo quality sealer that won’t last more than 1 year. For a homeowner to seal their own brick pavers, the cost would be somewhere around $300 to $500 after buying the sealer mixing buckets, a sprayer to apply the coating, and sand to resend the joints. However if this paver sealing process is done wrong or the sealers fail on the pavers, the homeowner could end up paying triple what it cost to seal the pavers on their own.

Having a professional paver sealing company come out and do the job correctly is always highly recommended. The cost to seal pavers from a professional company normally runs around $1.00 per SQ FT, this includes the cleaning sanding and the paver sealing all in that $1.00 price. So if the area that needs to be sealed is about 1,500 Sq FT the cost to have those pavers cleaned sanded and sealed would cost $1,500 (1,500 SQ FT x $1.00 = $1,500) However, this is a high-quality sealer that is not available to the consumers it’s something only paver sealing contractors are able to buy from the manufacturer, this type of sealer lasts 2 years of protection.

Really the cost to seal pavers depends on the quality of the job, if it’s going to be a weekend DIY project then budget for about $500.00 on the high end. To have a professional company sealer the pavers, budget $1.00 per sq ft so measure the area that needs to be sealed x that by $1.00 and that will the budget for sealing those pavers.

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