Top Pressure Washing Company St. Petersburg, FL

Top pressure washing company st petersburg fl

St. Petersburg, FL homeowners, are you looking to have your exteriors cleaned and looking new again? Pressure washing services in your local area can sometimes be hard to find, not every service company is equal.

What Questions Should I Ask?

In this article, we want to cover a few questions you should be asking your local pressure washing St. Petersburg, FL companies before you hire them. As a professional pressure washing company, we have worked with a lot of other service companies in our local St. Pete area. Bay Area Power Washing has hired many subcontractor pressure washing businesses when we need help on larger jobs. Here is a list of questions that homeowners should ask to interview a power washing company before allowing them to start working on your property:

  • Are they a registered LLC?
  • Are they insured?
  • Have they done this type of job before?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • How many workers will show up at my house?

These are the top 5 questions you might want to ask your local power washing company before you hire them, just so you know you are dealing with a real legit business and not just someone working out of their van with no insurance or experience.

For pressure washing st Petersburg, fl don’t just hire any company, don’t just go for the lowest price often times you get what you pay for and low priced companies don’t always exceed your expectations.

For local St. Petersburg homeowners, you can call Bay Area Power Washing for a FREE, no-hassle, in-person quote for your next pressure washing service.

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