Paver Cleaning and Sealing the Right Way

Paver cleaning and sealing the right way

Being a Homeowner is Hard

Having brick pavers around the house makes the curb appeal look stunning, homes with paver driveways and pool patio with pavers give that home the extra pop every homeowner wants.

However, keeping up with the paver maintenance can tend to be a second job at times. Brick pavers often come with color in the brick, if those bricks are not kept clean or sealed from the UV Rays that color will fade out over time, and getting the color back is a very difficult task and sometimes those pavers need to be replaced altogether.

There is a right way and a wrong way to clean and seal pavers, I know a lot of homes in different states have brick driveways and pool decks. However, if you’re in a warmer state like FL, there is only one type of paver sealer a homeowner should choose for the best results.

Being in a hot and wet climate such as FL, the brick pavers are subjected to much more damage over the years. FL has a lot of rainfall that can wear down the brick over time, the homeowner's property can have bad drainage from all the rain allowing water to sit on areas of the paver leaving marks and discoloring the bricks.

Paver cleaning and sealing the right way

Keeping brick pavers looking their best year-round is sometimes a hard job for any homeowner, this is why they should be cleaned and sealed every 2 years without fail. The best way to keep your home's value high is to keep those brick pavers looking brand new year after year. There is nothing worse than wanting to sell your home one day and realizing that the driveway and pool deck looks faded and dirty giving off the appearance that the previous owner did not care for the property very well. This is where paver sealing comes into play, giving those nice colored bricks that wet sheen look to them making the rest of the home really pop. How exactly is paver sealing done?

Once again if the home is located in a warm wet state such as FL, then there are a few things to know before proceeding with paver sealing. FL brick pavers must be sealed with a water-based sealer, not a silicone sealer, water-based sealers will keep the moisture out of the brick and seal the pores of the brick protecting it from water oil and UV rays over the years. Silicone sealers are bad for high humid and wet areas, as the moisture gets trapped between the sealer and the brick, leaving a white haze to form over the brick after a few months.

The best way to keep pavers looking new and keep that curb appeal value high is to pressure wash the bricks every 6 months and to seal them with a water base sealer every 2 years. Sealing pavers does take time and the need for proper equipment make sure to hire a professional company to have them done right.

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