How to Restore Paver Color

How to restore paver color

Brick pavers come in many different colors, anything from a light try natural stone, to a brick with a lot of different colors mixed in.

Keep those colors looking good and showing through over the life of a driveway or patio is no easy task for any homeowner.

Brick driveways and patios get beat down by driving on them oil spills rain and constant UV rays beating on them daily.

This type of abuse doesn’t make it easy to keep any pavers color intact for long-term.

Restoring paver color is normally done when a company pressure washes the bricks really well, sometimes the color comes right back out of the brick after a good cleaning.

One other way can be by applying bleach to the bricks and letting that sit on the brick drying on their to help remove any shading or mildew that was on the surface this can sometimes bring the color back out of the paver.

Really, the best way to have brick pavers color come back to life is by having pavers sealed with a high end water-based sealer.

Once brick have been sealed it’s almost like an extreme polish for a car, once you have the car polished you can use the paint as a mirror, the same goes for bricks that are sealed the proper way.

Restoring paver color is a process but if you hire the right company then you can rest assured those once dull faded pavers will come back to life in a shocking way.

Sealing pavers with a high quality Urethane water based sealer gives brick pavers protection for 2 years, and allows for that nice wet sheen that most homeowners all want to see.

Do some research on YouTube for water-based brick paver sealer, and there will be tons of results showing faded out pavers that once are sealed come back to life and have tons of color.

Often times once a paver has been sealed there is new colors that come out in the brick that were not visible when they were first put in.

The best way to restore paver color for a driveway or pool patio is to have those bricks sealed for a great wet look and lots of color popping out at you. Hire a professional paver sealer today and restore the color of your paver walkways and driveways!

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