How to Remove Mold From Concrete

How to remove mold from concrete

What is the best way to remove green mold from concrete? Mold comes in different colors, but most homeowners see on the exterior of homes and driveways green. Green mold can damage the surface very quickly if left untreated. Mold digs into the surface it is attached to, so if you have a green moldy driveway or patio left untreated, the mold spores can leave stains behind that may never go away no matter how much you clean it. Mold is also hazardous to have around your home; it can cause headaches and chest pains if someone becomes sensitive to the smell of decay. Not to mention green mold on your driveway is ugly and becomes very slippery when water hits the surface.

Pressure Washing and Chemical Treatment

The process to remove green mold from concrete the safest and quickest way would be to have it pressure washed off and then use a chemical to kill the mold. Most DIY pressure washing projects can get rid of the green, but the mold itself is still on the surface and will grow back very quickly if not treated with the proper chemicals. Most professional pressure washing companies can come out and use a particular chemical to remove and kill the mold off your driveways.

By hiring a professional pressure washing company, you can rest assured that your concrete won’t be damaged or left with lines in the concrete from using a wand with too much pressure. Professional driveway cleaning is done with a careful tool. The pros call a flat surface cleaner. By using a flat surface cleaner, this process allows for the concrete to be cleaned very well and safely without the cause of damage. After the flat surface tool has removed all your green mold from the driveway then the chemical is laid down, once the chemical is spread all over the affected areas, it will dry within about an hour, and the mold and anything else living on the concrete surface will be removed and killed 100%.


This is how to remove green mold from concrete the most effectively and safely possible. Call our concrete cleaning experts today if you need mold removed from your concrete!

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