How to Remove Black Streaks From Gutters

Black Streaks Gutters

Gutters are something most people see when they walk up to your home. Nice white gutters are like nice white teeth. They make your home complete and give it that lovely well-rounded look homes need. However, gutters can be a tricky beast to keep clean for homeowners, as they are often beat by the brutal sunlight and get constant damage from rain and debris.

Gutter maintenance is something that can keep your home's value at its highest; again, they are the for the front of your homes look. The reason gutters get black streaks on them is due to oxidation; this means the material the gutter is made out of has been faded by years of sunlight exposure. Often, gutters on homes don't get much shade to hide from the UV rays; after years of being a victim to the sun, they will fad become chalky if you run your fingers over them, and then these nasty black streaks start to set in.

Gutter professionals call these tiger stripes because they look like the stripes of a tiger. The best way to tackle the removal of black streaks on gutters is to have them pressure washed and then use a professional grade oxidation removal cleaning agent. This cleaning agent is safe to use around your home will not harm pets, kids, or plant life, but it does require some work to know how to dilute it properly so you don't damage the gutters.

A homeowner can do this themselves or hire a professional exterior cleaning company that has these cleaning agents with them and knows how to get the job done quicker. I'll list a few steps below for the DIY homeowner who wants to tackle this job on a weekend.

Step 1.

Pressure wash the gutters; the best way to clean any dirt and mildew or mold off the surface is to use bleach. Spray bleach on the gutter let it sit for a few minutes. This kind of depends on the temperature of when you're doing this. Let the bleach sit on the gutters for about 3 to 5 minutes, then rinse well with low pressure; this should break down any dirt or derbies that have been stuck on the gutters.

Step 2:

After you have rinsed all the gutters with bleach and water, now it's time to get your gutter brightening aka (cleaning agent) out and start to remove the black streaks on your gutters.

You will want to put the cleaning agent in a pump-up sprayer and spray directly onto the gutters in a small section no more than about 3 feet at a time. Once this is done, grab a stiff bristle brush and lightly scrub the area you have sprayed, and you should start to see that area coming clean and looking nice and white again. Once you've finished brushing, rinse the area with low-pressure water and move on.

Step 3:

Repeat these steps until all of your gutters look nice and white and have no more black streaking on them.

To use the proper gutter brightening cleaning agent, you will want a professional grade product that works well. The best product on the market that a lot of professionals use is something called Gutter Butter; it can be found on It's not the cheapest, but it's the best, and it will save you a ton of time in the long run from having to respray and scrub again.

These are the simple steps to removing black streaks on gutters.

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