How to Remove Algae From Pool Screens

Pool screen algae

Pool screens are a pervasive thing in FL. Most homeowners in the FL area with pools or a patio will have a pool screen around it. The bugs in FL are big enough to carry your small kids away HAHA JOKING… On a serious note, pool screens do get dirty and need to be cleaned with caution, or else you could face some costly repairs with fixing paint or damaged screens. White pool enclosures are the most common ones that show the most dirt, anything from algae to a dull, chalky look caused by the sun beating down on the metal all day.

There are many ways to clean pool screens, I mean, do a Google search, and you can find tons of videos how-to articles on how to remove algae from pool screen.

A homeowner can clean the screens without poking holes in them to use a soft brush with a light water house and scrub the screen going up and down and back and forth like a cross patter motion to break up dirt algae on the net. Rinse lightly once scrubbing is done, and the dirt should fall right off; this is also for a pool screen with very light soil, and algae build upon it.

Another way is to use a half vinegar solution and half warm water, dip the end of your brush into the solution, and scrub the screen in that cross-hatch motion again. Once the entire screen has been lightly scrubbed, take your water house and rise from bottom to top side to side and then top to bottom, ensuring all the dirt is washed away. Make sure to rinse very well. If you don’t, water will drip down the screen. When that water dries, it will leave streaks of dirt lines behind, and you will have to clean the screen all over.

The 3rd and best way to clean your pool screen is to use bleach. Bleach does not harm your screens at all. Bleach will help you remove and break down all that dirt and algae build up a lot faster than just water or water and vinegar.

Pour a 1-gallon jug of bleach into a bucket, then fill the rest up with water, or if you have a pump-up sprayer or water bottle, put the belch in there and apply it to your screens. Once the bleach has been applied, start scrubbing back and forth up and down to break up the dirt on the screens. Make sure to rinse very well to ensure you have all the bleach removed and dirt rinsed off your screens. It’s always best to pre-wet your screens and plants before spraying any bleach to add a safety net, so you don’t kill any plants around the pool cage.

Cleaning a pool screen is no easy task. Depending on the pool screen size, this could take up an entire Saturday as a DIY project. The best way to remove algae from pool screens is to hire a professional pressure washing company with the right tools to get the job done right.

By hiring a pressure washing company, they have access to stronger bleach than a homeowner can buy at a local store; using a stronger bleach solution will remove all dirt and algae off the screens and the high up metals virtually impossible to reach with a DIY pressure washer.

To have the job done right and to see lots of time, hire a professional soft washer to remove algae from pool screens the quick and easy way.

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