How to Protect Your Brick Pavers

How to protect your brick pavers

Brick Pavers make a home look stellar and add tons of value to the real estate; however, brick pavers also require a tad more maintenance than just concrete does.

Our company's biggest thing comes across in the Tampa Bay area are pavers that have lost their luster, faded, and no spark out of them anymore. Homeowners that invest money to install brick pavers or someone who buys a home that has pavers installed already faces a challenging task to keep those bricks looking their best year-round.

Sealing is the Answer!

Having brick pavers makes any home or patio area look fantastic. However, brick gets very dirty and does not mention the weeds that grow between the cracks and the joints that turn green from mildew here in Florida. Paver sealing Tampa experts Bay Area Power Washing can help Tampa Bay Homeowners bring the life back out of their brick pavers.

Most homeowners don't have the time or experience to fix up their brick-paved driveways or patios. This can be very frustrating to any homeowner who wants their patios and driveways to look new every day. The best way for Tampa Homeowners to combat the weed growth and mildew growth on brick pavers is to have your brick pavers sealed with a top-notch water-based sealer that will give your pavers the best look they can have for 3 to 5 years.

Paver sealing in Tampa can be done just one day with the right type of material and by hiring the right company. Bay Area Power Washing uses a same-day sealer, whereas most of our competition takes two days to clean and seal your patio or driveways.

By choosing to have your pavers sealed with Bay Area Power Washing, you ensure the best protection for home brick pavers that money can buy. We are Tampa FL paver sealing experts that can brick back the life out of dead pavers and have them looking nice and bright again.

No matter if you bought a home with old dirty pavers or you just had them put in recently, give us a call for your FREE quotes and a job done right.

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