How To Remove Green Algae From Concrete

How to keep your pavers from turning green

Here in the Florida climate, homeowners deal with something a lot different from those northern states, Florida doesn't have snow or salt on their roads, but they do have algae and mold that grow like weeds on exteriors of homes and patios.

Here at Bay Area Power Washing, we get asked frequently how to remove algae from pavers. The best answer we can provide our customers is to stay on top of your maintenance and pressure washing every six months to a year.

Paver Sealing

Another way you can keep your pavers algae-free here in the Florida weather is by doing a process called Paver Sealing.

Brick Paver Sealing is a clear urethane liquid that gets sprayed on to the bricks; what this does is it seals the brick's pores and helps prevent moisture from getting between the brick, and this helps with the growth of algae. Sealing your brick pavers has other value than just keeping them clean, but if your goal is to stop the yearly fight with green algae or mildew all over your brick driveways and brick patio, then consider sealing your pavers is the best option.

Contact a Professional

Most companies that do paver sealing will advise you not to do this as a DIY project as most of the top Industrial sealants that last the longest are not available at your local Lowes or home depots. Taking on sealing brick pavers is a long and demanding job, and it's even harder if you're inexperienced and don't have the right tools to use. Ideally, the smart thing to do is call a professional paver sealing contractor with all the right tools and access the top industrial products for your pavers.

For our Tampa Bay customers that ask us how to remove algae from pavers, we always point them in the direction of sealing the paver with our top of the line high Gloss URE Seal H20) water-based sealer. The Ure Seal H20 is one of the most advanced and longest-lasting brick paving sealer/coatings on the market. Here are some examples of why a homeowner in Tampa, Fl would consider getting their brick pavers sealed by Bay Area Power Washing.

Sealing your Pavers add more stability to the brick; during the sealing process, special sand has to be applied over the bricks and brushed in then sprayed in with a higher pressure house (called wet sanding the joints). The sand that we use is called Polymeric Sand; this makes it very hard for weeds to grow up between your bricks' joints.

Time to Seal

Once the sanding process is done, we then start applying our URE Seal High Gloss sealer. Not only will your bricks be more stable, not shift or crack due to sand loss in the joints, but now you can rest easy knowing that the harsh UV Rays here in Tampa Fl will not fade out or damage the color in your Pavers once they have been sealed. Also, once the brick paver has been appropriately sealed, the sand in-between the joints are now locked in, and weeds are a thing of the past.

You will also enjoy the nonslip additive that goes along with the brick paver sealing. This is very important for those rainy days we have so often here in Tampa. The nonslip additive applied will help those brick paver driveways and patios not be slippery on Tampa's rainy days.

To remove algae from your brick pavers, give us a call Bay Area Power Washing to set up your free quotes.

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