How to Keep Your Patio From Turning Green

How to keep your patio from turning green

Green is not a color homeowners want to see on their nice-looking brick patios and driveways. This can bring down the value of a home and result in fines from HOA's

Florida is one of the most common places for brick pavers and a climate where Green algae grows like wildflowers. When brick has a layer of algae over it that surface can become as slippery as walking on ice, this can result in serious injury and lawsuits, homeowners that have green brick need to get this resolved ASAP. Luckily there is a solution to this.

One of the ways you can matain algae build up on brick is to have regular cleaning done by pressure washing the brick surface and keep the ugly green algae away from the surface. Pressure washing does not keep algae from growing back on the brick surface, it only washes it away for a short period. Even a professional pressure washing company cannot prevent further growth without action.

Brick patios can be a headache to keep up with, they are introduced to the elements every day 24/7 they can become faded dirty if not marinated they can shift and crack on you. For a homeowner, the best way to keep patios from turning green would be to apply a sealant to the surface of the bricks. This is known as paver sealing or concrete sealing. Paver sealing is a process where your brick needs to be cleaned very well, prepped with a detergent to strip away any oils left on the surface, and then a clear liquid can be applied to the brick.

Once this clear liquid is applied, it bonds with your brick patios and driveways to create a layer of protection and defense from aging algae mold and slipperiness.

Brick sealers are not all created equal, you need to be very careful when selecting a sealer or else it can fail and your brick will just turn green again. At Bay Area Power Washing we highly recommend the homeowner hire a professional paver sealing contractor to apply this clear liquid as it’s no easy task.

Three Steps to Sealing Brick Patios

  1. The surface must be pressure washed so that dirt and other organic growth can be 100% removed from the surface of the bricks.
  2. Then a special stripper needs to be applied to the brick to remove any oils from the surface so when the sealant gets applied it can adhere to the brick properly.
  3. Resend the whole brick area to ensure that the joints are strong and that the brick can’t shift and break in the future.

Then you must apply the clear liquid sealer to the bricked area you want protection on. This is a day if not 2-day job for a DYI project.

The easier route to never seeing your brick patio turn green again is to hire your local paver contractor and have them come out and apply the sealer the correct way.

Paver sealing will last for a few years depending on how much traffic that brick area has, the sealing process is the only way you can ensure to stop your brick and concrete patios from turning green again.

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