How to Clean Stucco Walls Like a Pro

Stucco washing

How to clean stucco walls like a pro, stucco is an excellent material and is used on tons of homes these days to give it a nice finish over your brick walls. But stucco can become dirty and moldy real quick due to its porous material that allows moisture to seep in and cause damage. If you have a home with stucco on the exterior, you could be in for some work down the road on removing dirt mold or even some damage due to moisture. However, today we will discuss the best way to clean stucco walls and how to get them looking brand new again.

Experience Matters

If you did a Google search right now, you would find lots of youtube videos and other information on cleaning stucco; the only issue with this advice is DIY and not a professional who has the experience of cleaning stucco on a daily. Cleaning stucco walls require some work and patience as well; you can easily damage stucco walls if you don't know what you're doing. The best and quickest way to clean the side of a home or building with stucco is to pressure wash the walls. However, using pressure at a high level will blast off the stucco leaving missing pieces all over the walls.

Use Low Pressure

The last thing you want is to repair a stucco wall; this can get very costly very quickly and turn into a bad day. The best way to go at cleaning dirty stucco walls is to use a low-pressure water system. You can use a pressure washer. However, the pressure has to be adjusted just right, so there is no damage done. Lower pressure water is often referred to as soft washing.

Soft washing is where professionals rely on chemicals to loosen and remove organic growth such as dirt, mold, mildew, etc. on the surface. Using a chemical on your stucco, you are allowing the work to be done by the chemical and not the high pressure. The best chemical to use is bleach. This is safe on your home and won't fade or damage anything. Bleach needs to be sprayed onto the stucco's dirty areas depending on the tempter of the day it's being done; the bleach need's to sit on the surface for about 3 to 5 minutes.

Once the bleach has sat, often referred to as dwell time, now it's time to rinse off the stucco with nice low-pressure water, and the dirt and mold should wash away with ease leaving the area looking nice and clean again. The safest way to have your stucco home cleaned is to call a local professional pressure washing company; these people will have the right chemicals and experience to clean your stucco walls without damaging anything.


How to clean stucco recap, use bleach. Let the bleach dwell on the surface for about 3 to 5 minutes, and then use a low-pressure rinse to remove the dirty area. This will ensure no damage to the walls, and you will be left with a lovely, clean house afterward.

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