How to Choose the Best Paver Seal for a Wet Look

Paver sealing wet look

When it comes to the paver sealing coating market there are a lot of choices out there, some are good some are great and some are really bad sealers.

Choosing the right paver sealer is very important to have that nice wet sheen for months and months.

Whether you’re doing the paver sealing yourself or hiring a professional paver sealing company, educating yourself on the correct sealers is still very important so you don’t have some company come out to your home and try to charge you a fortune to seal and use a crap sealant that will fade away and not look wet anymore after a few months.

There are two types of sealers that people use, the cheaper type of sealer which is a silicone base sealer, these sealers do the job of sealing and giving the brick some protection, but they don’t last as long, or if the pavers are in a climate where there is high humidity or a lot of rain silicone sealer won’t keep the moisture out of the brick.

Areas like FL where almost every other home has some type of brick pavers, either paver driveways or a paver walkway, or the most popular is pavers around the pool area.

Sealing pavers in FL using a silicone sealer will not work very well, as for the FL climate it’s very humid and rainy year-round.

When pavers are sealed with silicone base sealers during the drying period moisture can seep into the brick getting stuck between the paver and the sealer, when this happens after about a month or so there will be a noticeable white haze forming over those bricks.

If a paver sealing job has been done the wrong way and white hazing occurs that is a very costly project to get the white haze removed and to have them resealed the proper way.

Most paver sealing costs in FL goes for about $1.00 an SQ FT if pavers have to be stripped of failed sealer the cost can be double of that typical sealer price. To strip paver sealer the cost can be from $2.00 an SQ FT up to $3.00 per SQ Ft.

Now that you know what type of paver sealer to stay clear of, let's talk about the best type of paver sealer to use no matter where you live.

Using a water-based paver sealer is the best practice for a long-lasting wet look and not having to deal with white hazing over the bricks.

There are a few different water base sealers out there so the best thing to do is do some research watch some YouTube videos to see some before and after videos of driveways.

YouTube is a good resource to do homework if you’re thinking about getting pavers sealed, they have a lot of good information out there, showing the difference between some brands of paver sealer.

No matter if you want to tackle paver sealing as a DIY or looking to hire a company still do some research so you are armed with the right information and can validate it when someone is giving you a quote.

Choosing the best paver for a wet look will be about doing a lot of research ask companies for before and after photos, if a company is using a sealer that a homeowner can buy from their local hardware store then that sealer is probably junk.

The best type of sealers will not be available on store shelves the higher-end high-quality sealers will be sold only through a sales rep that companies have contracts with.

In the end, research will be your friend when it comes to finding the best sealers for pavers, make sure to double-check that the paver sealer is water-based and not a silicone base.

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