How to Bring Pavers Back to Life

How to bring pavers back to life

Are you dealing with an old dull-looking paver driveway or patio? Brick pavers are supposed to enhance a home's curb appeal, not hinder it.

Pavers can be hard to keep up with once they have been let go, maybe the current homeowner just hasn't kept up with cleaning them enough, or the house was sold to a new owner, and the pavers need some new life back in them.

Either way, paver restoration is not as difficult as it may seem, and pavers can come back to their beautiful color once these few steps are taken.

One of the first steps to restoring pavers is to have them cleaned; the cleaning process is normally done by using Bleach and pressure washing.

Using household bleach doesn't really do much because it's diluted a lot; the best chemical to clean brick pavers is to find a pool store in your local area and buy some pool chlorine from them.

Use a pump-up sprayer to apply the pool chlorine onto the bricks, let it sit for about 3 minutes, and then use the pressure washer to clean the surface.

Once the pressure washer starts, you'll want to of over the bricks in a box-like motion side to side and then up and down, covering the same area twice to make sure there are even coverage and no missed dirt.

Depending on how dirty and faded the pavers are, they might need to be pressured washed twice using the pool chlorine.

However, a professional trick of the trade is once the bricks have been cleaned and all the dirt has been removed from the surface.

Now take the pump-up sprayer of chlorine and apply it to the brick pavers; let the chlorine sit and dry onto the surface. This will help kill any algae or other growth that was on the surface, and it helps to brighten up the bricks also.

Once the paver restoration process has been done, there should be a noticeable difference in color and enhancement to the pavers.

For some reason, if the pavers still look faded and not as new-looking as you had hoped, there is one more step that can be taken to really make those brick driveways and patios pop.

The final step to paver restoration is something called paver sealing; this is a process that should be handled by a company with the right tools and knowledge of how to apply the sealer to the bricks.

Applying paver sealer helps bring out the color in the bricks and also protects them from future fading as the sun beats down on them 24/7.

Using a high-quality water-based urethane sealer will give those pavers the new enhanced clean look any homeowner has been hoping to achieve out of their pavers.

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