How Often should you do patio pressure washing?

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Here in Florida our patios can get very dirty very quickly. The rain plus humidity is not our friend when it comes to keeping the patio clean and looking nice.

Patios with screen’s become dirty from all the dust and they also turn green from all the moisture in the air during summer time.

Having green dirty screen’s is not enjoyable when your trying to enjoy a nice morning coffee on the patio.

To prevent mildew and dirt from building up on the back patio the best result is to perform patio pressure washing service twice a year, performing this type of service will ensure the back patio stays clean and dust free all year around.

However there is a right and wrong way to pressure washing the patio, this must be done in a safe matter or else things can and will get damaged very easily.

Hiring a patio pressure washing service is the best route to take as a local professional cleaning company will use the right amount of pressure to not damage the floor or the screens, and they will also have chemicals that are safe for the homes exterior and plant life.

If you choose to go the DIY route you must use low pressure on the screens to ensure they don’t rip.

Using low pressure means that the right chemicals bust be introduced to the dirt and mildew in order for mildew to be easily and lightly washed away.

Most chemicals used on patios is something called SH this can be found at any local pool company store.

It must be sprayed onto the areas that are green or have lots of dirt billed up, allow to sit on the affected ares for about 60 seconds then lightly pressure wash it away, this will remove any green that was on the surface leaving the area with a clean and brighter look.

But again, its much safer to hire a patio pressure washing service to handle your patio pressure washing needs.

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