How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Home Power Washed?

How much does it cost to get your home power washed

Most pressure washing businesses will price house washing by the SQFT of your home, this all depends on the area you live in and what is growing on the exterior of the home.

A basic house washing would be to just get some dirt and light mildew off the exterior walls and gutters of a home. If your house is about 1500 SQFT, this would take a company about 1.5 hours to complete. For a 1500 SQFT home in Tampa, FL, you can expect to pay around $300 to $400 for a house wash. At Bay Area Power Washing, we charge per SQFT and depending on how much labor is involved in each job.

It’s really difficult to give a base price for pressure washing service because you really need to have the company come out and give you an in-person quote. However, you can expect the job to start at $300.00 and go up from there. You have to factor in time for the job, labor cost, and chemical that is used to clean the exterior of your home.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Home Power Washed in Tampa Fl?

Tampa, FL homeowners that have an average size home of about 1500 SQFT can expect a professional pressure washing company such as Bay Area Power Washing to charge around $300 to $400 for the whole exterior of a 1500 SQFT house wash. Keep in mind, pricing for power washing can always change depending on the size of your home or depending on what is growing on the house. Mold dirt and mildew are considered organic growth; this type is easy to remove from a home's exterior.

Here in the Tampa Bay Area, a lot of homes have iron water stains on the side of their house, walls, and fencing. This is caused by reclaimed water and homes that have wells, this type of water is very corrosive and leaves a yellowish or orange stain on your white fence or walls. To remove iron water stains you need a special chemical that has to be sprayed on the affected area and let sit for a while -- this process is called dwell time. After a professional has treated the effected iron-stained area, then they rinse it off with low pressure water so nothing is damaged during the washing process. The chemicals used to remove these types of stains are not cheap and require a longer time at your house to complete the job. To remove stains like iron and other types around a home you can expect a $100 to $200 upcharge on top of the house washing.


To recap, you need to call your local pressure washing company and explain to them the size of your home as well as what you need cleaned. Then and only then can you have a true price for a pressure washing job.

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