How Much Does House Washing Cost?

How much does house washing cost

What does it cost to have a house pressure washed? House washing costs vary depending on size and what state the home is in. However, there are different methods people calculate the costs for their services.

House washing by surface area will range between .10 cents up to .40 cents a SQ FT. For the pressure washing businesses that charge per hour, the average price per hour is around $90.00 to $100.00 an hour. If all you need to be cleaned is the gutters, that will run about $55.00 $150.00 for most homes. If the home is really large, the price may go up. Pool screens can range from $150.00 up to about $300 depending on size and how much algae is on the screens. Fencing is normally done per SQ FT; in Florida, that price runs about .15 cents a SQ FT to pressure wash fencing either wood or vinyl. Concrete cleaning, also known as flatwork, the typical 2 car driveway runs about $150.00 which normally includes the sidewalks in that price as well. Roof washing is an extra service that is not included in a regular house washing price, make sure to be clear when asking for a house wash, you will need to let the company know you want the roof washed as well. Roof washing runs around $300 to $800.00; again, the price will change depending on the SQ FT surface area of the home and how dirty the roof is. Really, the basic pricing should be done by SQ Footage. That is the more accurate pricing for pressure washing.

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